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Monday //  14 November 2011
Two Point Design Redesigned to a Responsive Website

Launched Date . November 2011
Website Design . Portfolio Website
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A much awaited website redesign for Two Point Design. Our new website is now optimised for mobile devices!

Web Design for Mobile Devices

As we see mobile usage of the Web growing and evolving rapidly, Two Point Design is encouraging clients to work into their project budget additional support for mobile devices for their websites and marketing emails.

The recent news of Adobe abandoning mobile Flash in support for HTML5 also brings us closer to eliminating Flash animations in our web designs. Moving forward, we hope to be seeing more website designs that cater to mobile devices.

Note: The Flash version of our website is still accessible via the link at the footer of our website, however please note that it will no longer be maintained as of November 2011.

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2 Responses to
Two Point Design Redesigned to a Responsive Website
  1. Leah Lim says:

    This is a really cool website. The mobile version is working nicely for me too. How did you get it to show in their various orientation?

  2. Two Point Design says:

    Hi Leah, thanks for your feedback!

    Two point Design website uses Less Framework 4 which utilizes the CSS grid system and adds in support for CSS media queries to support multiple design and typography layouts.

    Let me know if you want to find out more about how to get it supported on Internet Explorers as the original version does not support it. Our website has been tested on all major browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorers).

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